Al Mahdi Will Become a “Superhero” Figure in the Real World

What we do not realize has happened in the life of the world in the last 10-20 years is that the theme of “super heroes” has so massive filled our space of consciousness. This assimilation occurs not only in children but also in us adults.

The Super Hero theme can be said to have become a new embroidery in our realm of consciousness. We all become familiar with it and see it as part of (possible) reality. It becomes new knowledge. Become part of ideas and hopes – “extreme solutions” to problems that are also extreme.

This means, actually a new paradigm is growing in our collective consciousness as human beings. Paradigm, which directs our emotional and intellectual discipline to present substantial judgments. To be known; intention, which is the basis of our moral judgment in front of God, arises from this “substantial assessment”. Because, from there triggered “behavior based on our conscious desires”.

For all these phenomena the relevant question arises, namely: What kind of cosmic mechanism does the Creator wish to adapt to in our realm of consciousness? – What are the important things back there that are “waiting to happen”?

In order to answer that question, it is important to look back at the information we have inherited from ancient times, the following …

Prophecies from various religious traditions about the figure of the Savior (Superhero)

In the sacred texts of the world’s major religions (call it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, etc.), there is a fragment of the ancient narrative about the presence of a savior at one point in the future.

This narrative is like information that is constantly being recycled. It continues to be present in various layers of age and human civilization which, despite different names, however, the purpose and moral substance carried by the figure of the savior in question can be said to remain the same.

Yes, since time immemorial, this information has been successfully transmitted into human memory from time to time – integrated as part of religious doctrine. On the other hand, this is indeed part of a little oasis in the religious world that can raise hope in the aspect of faith. This is often the subject of insults from secular people. In fact, such insults sometimes also come from members of the religious community itself – from groups who consider belief in future predictions to be forbidden.

Author: fadlybahari

Penjelajah dan Pengumpul Esensi

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